Wednesday, December 06, 2006


Hana matsuri in Oku-mikawa - Kiju Yoshida

I've been watching the films by Kiju Yoshida from last month.
I watched the documentary video focused on Hana-matsuri (flower -spring- festival which be helt in mid-winter) in Oku-mikawa tonight.
He describes how the festival is an asyl for the people. The village people need to release from the strict class, the rigid society and the severe nature environment, and to be liberate from everything to contain themselves. Also he shows how grave ceremony for god (animism) is transforming to traditional performing art, which shared by people in all night festival. It's a history of performing arts. It tells that performing art (performer) has been the medium in which gods stay and the place where people can be in freedom. It's very interesting that the people are hospitable for oni - evil - as well as gods. The people feel familiar for oni which is the incarnation of severe nature, the film said. It's same as Balinese theatrical ceremony - Calonarang.
Needless to say, the film is very beautiful and formidable incredibly.

I've visited Hana-matsuri in Oku-mikawa more than 15 years ago.
I don't remember the name of the village. I remember that the people's fever and how the guys who participated in local were super cool. I really want to visit again. The festival in Shimo-kurokawa village will be held in the midnight on Jan 2 in 2007.

Aichi-no Minzoku Geinoh - Seinaru Matsuri, Geinoh Suru Kokoro by Kiju Yoshida (「愛知の民俗芸能 −聖なる祭り 芸能する心−」吉田喜重)

Hana-matsuri info in Japanese:


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