Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Memorandum about Straub-Huillet

About Daniéle Huillet;
1) She left Sorbonne 30 min after entrance, being full of hatred and fear.
2) After withdrawal Sorbonne, she failed of the entrance examination of IDEHEC by no answers of examination paper. The subject was to analysis a film. She said "This foolish film doesn't have the analyzed value at all."
About Jean-Marie Straub;
1) In Venice Film Festival 2006, although their latest film "Quei loro incontri(These Encounters of Theirs)" was screened under the division of competition, they denied to go to the festival. Straub sent a letter to the director of the festival as this: "Besides I wouldn't be able to be festive in a festival where there are so many public and private police looking for a terrorist - I am the terrorist, and I tell you, paraphrasing Franco Fortini: so long as there's American imperialistic capitalism, there'll never be enough terrorists in the world."
See the detail --->kinoslang

"Quei loro incontri (These Encounters of Theirs)" is very beautiful and surprising film as same as other their films. In the first chapter, the actors have dialogue while they show their back in 10 min. The sunshine and shadow in the second chapter is as beautiful as the miracle.

Director Matsumoto of Athenee Francais Cultural Center said that at the end of the program, Straub revived and started to make the film which was planned with Hullet. I hope we would see the new film by Straub-Hullet again.

I remember a Korean gay performing artist based in China, who was totally a minority in China in these days, says in a documentary film I've seen 10 years ago. He says that he has self-confidence to live in anywhere in the world. Because wherever he goes, he can enchant people.
Today I realized that the person who doesn't say Yes, No or anything is unattractive. S/he is the same as no existence. We cannot survive unless we are existence at least and be attractive.


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