Sunday, December 03, 2006


re-re-start, CandoCO

I re-re-started my blog at last.

I watched a performance of CandoCo in Tajimi today.
I've watched this company's performance when I was in London.
They brought a program from Fin Walker, my favorite choreographer. The program was so expectant for me. The company is famous for doing with disabled dancers. I really impressed how the dancers are fascination rather than ordinary, and lively with ordinary dancers. This time it's same. But something is not lively. Other dancers seemed to lose light.
We should have felt the theme of sexuality and violence of living in Walker's work. A dancer doesn't have legs has a kind of eroticism. The audience tried to see the legs he lost in our brain. But we cannot. It was a shocking experience at the beginning for audience. But at next, we found his beautiful from strength and weakness sides in their bodies. His body asks to us if the awareness for human body is in freedom. But this impression didn't continue by the end. Why...?

Photo by Anthony Crickmay


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