Thursday, January 10, 2008


NY souvenir from Japan

I've got a package from a long-term friend, Miwa-chan. She is an artist who bases in NY. She stays in Japan to see her family in this new years days.
I've visited at her home in Paris many times, when she has lived in the fantastic city. We have gone many art exhibitions, theatres, nice restaurants together. After she has gone to the US with her boyfriend, we have met only when she go back to Japan. It became to be still not easy to see more, even she is in Tokyo, after I moved to the place far from Tokyo. We couldn't see this time. So she has sent the NY souvenirs from her home town in Japan. The sweet and the powder pieces of hot chocolate were brought in the long way. Thank you very much, sweet and warm. I hope to see her in NY after the next president election.


I think I have some feeling of hope to you can come in US after this election.
Obama did really good speach last week, and I was impressed by the speech which not just easy happy one. he try to explain the complicated stuff by using his own background.
and yeaterday „ÄĀGovernor Bill Richardson of New Mexico endorsed Barack Obama!

this is only good news in US right now.

yap... all economy problems became growing as a snow man.....
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