Sunday, February 17, 2008


Jan Fabre "Angel of Death"

I've seen the dance performance yesterday too. I felt satisfaction to see ART perfectly. Jan Fabre challenged to not only describe Andy Warhol but also analyze William Forsythe, dance in his life. Forsythe dances not only the angel of death (Warhol) but also himself. It's the match between the two leaders of contemporary dance. In addition, I was surprised and feel happy to see the good audiences, very nice audiences in Yamaguchi. Feeling this mood is rare in Japan. They had good reaction for the piece. They, included children and old people, can see dance work without bias. I've thought that this piece is for mania. But Yamaguchi people enjoyed. This is a good sign for us. We have thought that selling the tickets is difficult in rural area, however, they were nearly sold out.

photo: Wong Bergmann


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