Tuesday, March 04, 2008


春琴 Simon McBurney's new work

Simon McBurney's new work based on Jyun'ichi Tanizaki's Syunkinsho and In'ei Raisan. My mind was totally white after I watch his new work. I was surprised that Shunkinsho is so erotic story. I didn't know that. Shunkinsho is popular story which even high school students know very well. I've thought that Shunkinsho is less of eroticism as compare his other works. After I returned my home, I re-read the story. I was so surprised again. McBurney has realized Tanizaki's taste faithfully. (The story is driven by reading aloud.) He completely understand Tanizaki's world and his words, more than Japanese me. In this work, we cannot expect his magical properties technique so much. But we can lose ourselves in the world of dark happiness.


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